we are savvy

By savvy, I mean both in the 'Jack Sparrow' way and the 'cassie and maggie are awesome' way. We made reservations last night for a hostel The Bird's Nest, in Deptford, London, apparently located in the old pirate district and so will be staying there for two nights before getting to York on the 16th. Now all I have to do is pack, maybe send in some renegade forms, and I think I'm set (Fingers crossed!) Safe travels to everyone on their respective trips!


Regina said...

You are so much more on top of your life than I am. Anyway, I linked to you. Just so you know.

amy said...

can't wait to read your first island post. love you. have great time

Sarah said...

Great to see you in Boston before you left! We love you! Go everywhere!
Sarah, Emmy, Jamie and Jellyman (Tim too)

Annie said...

Have a fabulous and wonderful adventure! We will be reading your posts from across the pond!
Love you,

rob said...

where's the latest post?