we are savvy

By savvy, I mean both in the 'Jack Sparrow' way and the 'cassie and maggie are awesome' way. We made reservations last night for a hostel The Bird's Nest, in Deptford, London, apparently located in the old pirate district and so will be staying there for two nights before getting to York on the 16th. Now all I have to do is pack, maybe send in some renegade forms, and I think I'm set (Fingers crossed!) Safe travels to everyone on their respective trips!


I started this post on Thursday

If anyone would like to start placing bets about the details of the first time I get lost in a foreign country, I'll begin by saying that if I get lost and don't end up in a former Soviet bloc, surrounded by American expatriates a la Gary Shteyngart, I'll hang my head in shame.

On a more local note,

aren't they beautiful? Discounts are a relatively easy and often cheap way to make employees grateful, even if they generally look with contempt upon their workplace. I call them my travelling boots. Technically though, they're still in-the-box boots. Tomorrow will be a tramping day, to break them in.


Preparing For Take-off

Sitting around the kitchen table with Amy & Laurie, debating the various methods of communication while I'm across the pond, the notion of blogging came up. Obviously the neccessary action was to create one that very moment so here it is- this ambitious plan of keeping everybody up to date (and reassuring Mom that I'm still kicking) while I knock around Europe. Nothing too exciting to mention at this point, since I'm not actually over there yet, but this is the official first post, and therefore its now official that I'm going. Cheers to that!